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In business development, our focus is on new business areas that complement and further strengthen our positioning in the market. In doing so, we create new opportunities for our customers, employees and partners to grow and follow their passion. Here we are orienting ourselves to the needs of our customers in order to be able to cover them even more holistically in the future. We see further optimisations in the B2B environment with a view to the supply chain, where we can intensify the cooperation with our brands and partners with new services.

Process Development focuses on the one hand on the customer experience and on the other hand on the efficiency and effectiveness of the central process flows - with the aim of making Blue Tomato fit for the future. The aim is to optimise the cooperation of cross-departmental teams and to advance the implementation of strategic improvement potentials.

The team creates the appropriate framework conditions for the collaboration of cross-departmental teams. A central component of this is Blue Tomato project management. In addition to coordinating the project portfolio, this is specifically about creating the basis for efficient project work in the company. This includes the processes as well as methods and tools that we provide to our project managers and project team members to enable successful project implementation.