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There are no borders for the Sales & Service team - whether it's country borders or language barriers. This large, international team not only takes care of the best service and a great shopping experience, but they also scout new shop locations and sites as part of our expansion strategy.

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Customer Service

We want to offer the best possible customer experience - perfect service and advice tailored to individual needs are essential for this. Our customer service team accompanies customers throughout the entire shopping process, tries to solve potential problems quickly and smoothly and advises with a lot of know-how on all questions about our range, our sports and our lifestyles. Our customer service team uses customer feedback to identify optimisation opportunities and improve internal processes - all with the aim of having more time for individual advice.

Retail Management

Retail Management takes care of the best service and sales through authentic and excellently trained shop teams, who passionately present the right products in the right place to our customers. Each of our Blue Tomato shops is unique and so are our colleagues in over 70 shops in six countries. What unites us all? We want to pass on our passion for our sports and lifestyles to our community with a lot of joy. To make this possible, our retail management puts together the best shop teams and imparts the know-how that makes our service so special in our unique training programme.


The Retail Expansion Team expands, develops and manages our Blue Tomato shop portfolio - they scout new sites and locations for our stationary expansion, negotiate leases, open the new Blue Tomato shops and further develop our shop construction.

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